Adding your own Terms and Conditions

When a client registers or makes an appointment on your Client Portal it is important that they agree to any Terms and Conditions you might have in relation to your business.  This ensures that it is clear right from the start what your clients can expect from you and your business, and also what you expect of them.  Having Terms and Conditions can also help ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations that govern your profession and business.

How to add Terms and Conditions to your Client Portal

1. Go to your Client Portal setup page via the Setup Menu

2. Add your Terms and Conditions as shown here:

3.  Click Save

What should my Terms and Conditions be?

The Terms and Conditions that each business uses tends to vary based on the profession, the country the business is based in, and the business' own preferences and requirements.  Whilst there is not one 'correct' set of Terms and Conditions that is right for all businesses the following are some areas to consider:

  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Cancellation policies (and any related charges)
  • Payment expectations - prepay, pay at the time of service, or pay later on account
  • Circumstances in which you might refuse to provide services
  • Policies related to the GDPR (if providing services to people in the EU.)
If you belong to a professional association they often have some great resources detailing the specific Terms and Conditions that may apply to your industry.