Adding Session Notes

You can record your session notes in Power Diary and print a hard copy for your paper file (if required). Here's how you do it:


1. Go to the Client Details page (Right-click an appointment and select Display Client Details or use the Client Search Function)

2. Click on Notes >> "Add Session Note"

3. Enter session notes and click 'Save'.  (The 'Activity Focus' needs to be completed before saving.  This can be anything you like but is often a one or two word summary of the contact.  This might be 'Initial Assessment', 'Review Session' etc.)

4. Click Print if required to print the note as a PDF

Printing Session Notes:

You can print all session notes for a client at once by clicking on 'Print All Notes'. This will print the notes as a PDF and will separate each note onto it's own page. 


Locking Session Notes:

You are able to save session notes in 'Draft' or in 'Locked' status.

If the user does not have 'Allow Draft Session Notes' as an available permission they will only be able to lock session notes. Saving the note in draft allows users to go back and edit the session note before locking it.

If a session note has been locked only users with the available feature 'Allow Unlock Session Notes' will be able to unlock the session note to edit it.

Read more on user access here.


Note History Log:

 All notes have a History Log which records the date and time when a user creates, saves, locks and unlocks the session note. The name of the user who performs the actions will be listed.