Adding DVA Insurer and Provider Numbers

In order to begin making DVA claims through Power Diary you will need to configure the insurer and provider numbers -- this article will go over how you can do this within your account.

Adding the DVA Insurer:

Adding a DVA insurer to your account will allow you to record your provider number as well as your client’s Veteran File Numbers and other important information used when submitting these claims. To add a DVA insurer to your account follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Lists.
  2. Select ‘Insurers’.
  3. Click ‘Add Insurers’.
  4. Enter the insurer name (‘DVA’) and select ‘DVA’ as the Type.
  5. Tick the ‘Show on Invoice’ option if you would like your insurer information to appear on your invoices and receipts.
  6. Use the ‘Text on Invoice’ field to record any text that you would like to appear on the invoice with your provider number (ie 'DVA Provider Number:').
  7. Click ‘✔Save’.



Adding Your DVA Provider Number to Your Diary:

You will need to add your DVA provider number to your Diary in order to be able to submit DVA claims through Power Diary. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Setup > Diaries and select your Diary.
  2. Click on ‘Insurers’ and click ‘Add Diary Insurers’.
  3. Select the DVA insurer you have just set up.
  4. Enter your provider number and the relevant location or select ‘All’ to use across all locations (as well as any other provider information required).
  5. Click ‘✔ Save’.

Note: If a majority of your clients are claiming through DVA you may want to tick ‘Default For New Clients’ as this will automatically assign the insurer to new clients.


Adding a DVA Insurer to a Client’s Record:

To commence claiming you will need to ensure that you have recorded a client’s DVA card details, to add these to their client record follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the client’s record.
  2. Click ‘Billing’ and then ‘Insurance’.
  3. Click ‘Add Insurance’.
  4. Select ‘DVA’ as the type.
  5. Enter the client’s DVA number and click ‘Validate DVA Data’
  6. Select ‘Default’ if the client will be claiming through DVA for a majority of their appointments.
  7. Click ‘✔Save’.