Adding and Editing Your Products

You can add an unlimited number of products to your Power Diary account.  Once added to your account you are able to select and assign one or multiple products to a client appointment.  This allows you to generate an invoice / receipt detailing the products sold to your client, along with the costs and payments made.  The products sold to a client are also stored in the client's profile.

Adding a New Product to Your Account

1. Setup >> Products

2. Click "Add Product"

3. Complete details as follows:

  • Name:  Enter the name of your product.
  • Description: This is a description of your product and will appear on any invoices produced related to the sale of this item. 
  • Cost Price (ex tax): This is optional.  Adding the cost price for the product will allow you to generate reports detailing the profit related to the provision of the sale of this item.
  • Sell Price (inc tax): Add the price (including GST if applicable) that your clients will be charged for this product.  This will appear on the invoice for this service. HINT: The price entered here will be the default price charged for this product however you can edit the actual price charged for this product on an individual basis at the time of sale.

Tax: Tick this if GST applies to this product.  This will reflect on any invoices generated. 

4. Click "Save"



Editing a Product

  1. In the Products page
  2. Click "Edit" next to the product to edit.
  3. Make required changes.
  4. Click "Save"