1. Import from an existing database, e.g. excel file;
  2. Create automatically from the main diary;
  3. Add individually using the Client's menu. 

Method 1: Importing Existing Clients

If you have an existing client database in a workable format we are able to import this for you. To get the data to our import team go to Setup > Data Import and follow the steps outlined on the page.

Method 2: Create New Clients Automatically from the Main Diary

You can create new client profiles automatically when making appointments in the diary.  This allows you to take bookings and create new client profiles quickly whilst on the phone.

  1. Click on a time in the dairy to make a new appointment.
  2. Under "Profile" click 'Add a new Client' and enter the new client's name and other desired details
  3. Click "Save".  This will create the appointment, and also create a new client profile.

NOTE: A dropdown list of existing client names will display as you enter the client's name.  If the appointment is for an existing client simply select them from the dropdown list. 

Method 3: Add Individually using the Clients Menu

You can add new clients individually to your account at any time:

  1. People > Create
  2. This will allow you to enter the basic client details including the client's name, mobile number and default calendar
  3. Click "Next"
  4. This will take you through to the new client's record which you can then either continue to add details to the client record.

NOTE: Click 'Save Client Record' after making any changes in the client record. 

Editing Clients

  1. Access the client profile (use the search in the top menu to search the client's name)
  2. Make required changes to client profile.
  3. Click "Save" 

Permanently Deleting Clients

Warning: This permanently removes all information related to the client from your account. This cannot be undone.

  1. Access the client profile using methods described in "Editing Clients" above.
  2. Under "Admin" select "Delete" and then click "OK" to confirm.